FEMA Flood Plain Information

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has revised the flood plain map for Runaway Bay. A 90 day comment period has commenced, starting in March. This comment period will afford Runaway Bay residents the opportunity to comment upon, protest or make suggestions regarding information depicted on the maps. A six month period will follow to resolve comments or complaints, prior to the maps going into effect. Once the map is effective, it is, for all means and purposes, permanent, until the next Federal review, revision and update.

FEMA and the Federal Government are the point of contact and the people you want to talk with regarding this project.

We encourage you to go on-line at, or call 888-435-6637. In addition, Rob Connell, the local project representative for our area, can be reached in Denton, at (940) 898-5240. He is happy to make himself available to provide additional information or perspective regarding access to flood insurance options.

A standard homeowners insurance does not address, much less cover flood damage or loss. I encourage you to inquire into coverage, even if you don't think you are at risk for flood related loss. According to Mr. Connell, getting coverage before the new mapping goes into effect may grandfather your coverage status and possibly afford you reduced premium costs in the long run, if you opt to take out coverage now

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