The City of Runaway Bay has a mowing program for undeveloped properties located within the City as a means to provide a service to the citizens, protect and promote the value of land, as well as, promote a positive image for the City and further our mutual efforts to enhance the beautification and quality of life within the City of Runaway Bay.

Any person owning undeveloped properties inside the City can "sign up" to be on the mowing program. Individuals are responsible for the removal of all dead trees, stumps and other objects that will be a hindrance to the mowing equipment in the course of maintaining the properties. Any owner has the privilege to remove like obstructions by their own methods. If the City performs the clearance of the property the cost of removal will be charged to the owner. Lot cleanup is available, contact City hall for estimate. The initial contract is for three mowing cycles per season. If additional mowing during the season is required the property owner will be billed at that time.

Current cost for mowing is as follows:

Lot Size Mowing Charges
½ Lot$165.00 3 times maximum per season
Standard Lot$225.00 3 times maximum per season
1 ½ Lot$276.00 3 times maximum per season
1 Large Lot (2 lots replatted)$230.00 3 times maximum per season
Ranchette$245.00 3 times maximum per season
Mow & Weed Eat Large Lot$505.00 3 times maximum per season
Non Compliance Lot$585.00 3 times maximum per season

If you are interested in having the City mow your undeveloped properties, please call 940.575.4745. Ask for Clerk, Pat Wagner.