Message from the City Administrator

Citizens of Runaway Bay,

It is a great honor to serve as your City Administrator and call Runaway Bay my new home. I have admired the City from afar for many years and I am proud to be assisting our government and community on continuing to keep the City of Runaway Bay a Fun Small City.

While the City has had its challenges, I am confident in our ability to move forward and accomplish great things by communicating and focusing on our strategic priorities. These are reviewed annually and set by our Mayor and City Council. I am working collaboratively with the City staff to help focus on our strength, our character and our passion in achieving all the great things the community desires. Through our guiding principles and key strategic goals set by our elected officials, we will achieve excellence by setting expectations using the governmental performance principles of: alignment, accountability and continuous improvement. Alignment will help us all develop organizationally and align our budget, departmental strategic plans, improvement plans and the City Council’s goals and objectives to serve the broader vision for the City of Runaway Bay. Practicing accountability requires constant communication and quarterly performance updates with the City Council. Continuous improvement is a best practice in which all departments must be engaged in by constantly working toward getting better at what we do to ensure high-performing programs, services, and long-term outcomes that fulfill the Council’s strategic goals and priorities.

These foundational values establish the framework for expectations at all levels within the City of Runaway Bay organization. They are essential for our daily decision-making; provide transparency and equity; guide us in effectively executing plans and strategies; and, help us ensure a work environment that inspires staff to new levels of achievement. While I am responsible for leading the team in executing the City Council’s policies, our ultimate success is dependent on working collaboratively both within the organization as well as with our external partners and stakeholders. Our pledge is that all City employees shall embrace these core values knowing that this will lead us toward high performance.

In closing, and on behalf of the entire City government team, we are committed to the community we love and are driven to do all we can to keep Runaway Bay the best place to live and play. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hello, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Pamela Woods

City Administrator